Pan Seared Scallops

Scallops are one of the most uniquely flavored of all bounties that come from the sea. The two most common types of scallops that are harvested from the waters include sea scallops and bay scallops.

Long Island bay scallops remain as the most commonly used type of scallop in most kitchens and restaurants all over the world. Pan seared scallops are still considered as the most preferred way of preparing and cooking scallops, as it is a common item on the menus of gourmet restaurants everywhere.

Pan seared scallops can be prepared in so many ways, giving food lovers many different ways and options on how to enjoy their sea scallops and bay scallops.

The most common ingredients that are used for pan searing scallops are just salt and pepper. Any creative mind in the kitchen can find many different ingredients to add to scallops for pan searing, and most ideas can truly work as the meat really works with a variety of other ingredients.

Breaded pan seared scallops are one of the more common ways of serving pan seared scallops, and is quite easy to do. The first step is to make sure that each scallop is pat-dried with kitchen paper before seasoning with salt and pepper. Next thing to do is to roll the scallops in breading right before pan searing in hot olive oil. Wait about three minutes before flipping over one side, and do it only once. Before serving, squeeze a lemon on top and add some grated romano cheese.