Bay Scallops


Bay scallops are the most common type of scallop available in the market today. When somebody refers to a scallop that he or she just had in a meal, chances are they were referring to bay scallops.

Bay Scallop

A bay scallop will range somewhere between two to three inches wide, and are enclosed in a fluted shell. Regular sea scallops reside in larger shells that do not have flutes and are much flatter. Bay scallops are also much better than sea scallops in terms of flavor and texture. Bay scallops are extremely tender, and the flavor quality is much lighter.

Both can be eaten raw, and are actually preferred by some foodies. Long Island bay scallops are one of the most common types of sea scallops.

Bay scallops, like the Long Island bay scallops for example, can be cooked, prepared, and eaten in many different ways. Bay scallops can be seared, wrapped and cooked in bacon, grilled, or even eaten raw. Many scallop lovers actually eat them raw right as they are being shucked.

Bay scallops are very safe to eat raw compared to other shellfishes that get eaten raw. This is because with bay scallops you only eat the muscle and not the viscera, also referred to as the guts.